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The Cold War Veteran Experience

            “Although I initially thought I would be sent to Vietnam, by the time I graduated Ranger School, American involvement in the war was winding down,” retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Bob Ozbolt said as he reflected back on the beginning...

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From G.I. Joe To The G.I. Bill

The transition out of the military can be daunting for many. So many changes to veterans’ lives take place all at once. Therefore, it is fairly common for a veteran to feel somewhat lost as they take the steps towards starting their civilian...

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From A Kid’s Perspective

Many young children spend much of their early years adorned in capes and super hero t-shirts, playing pretend, but Kevin Rochon spent his childhood days dreaming of a different kind of hero. For Kevin, heroes wore combat boots and dog tags...

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Combat Veterans To Careers

Based in The Villages, Florida, and serving a national audience of deserving men and women who wore our nation’s military uniform, Combat Veterans to Careers, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization. CONCEPTUALIZATION: United States Army veteran...

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The Story Behind Our Logo

As with marketing any organization, the logo becomes the distinctive point of recognition, therefore, the design requires the most thought and attention to detail, and must embody the organization. For Combat Veterans to Careers, the path to the...

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Some Women Wear Combat Boots

Lieutenant Commander Holly Shaffner, USCG, ret. had a career and transition out of the military that was quite unique. As a female, Holly was one of the 203,000 women active-duty in the entire United State military. Like so many others, Holly...

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From Sergeant To Student

Immediately following high school graduation, many students decide to continue their education and attend college. Alex Van Lieshout was an exception, two months after receiving his diploma, Alex left for Parris Island for Marine Corps boot camp...

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David’s Transition

In life, nothing is guaranteed and things will not always go as planned, but it seems as though these impromptu experiences lead you right to where you are meant to be, and no one knows this more so than David Booth. David had his life planned...

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