What is Combat Veterans To Careers?

Combat Veterans To Careers (CVC) is a civilian 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) tax exempt nonprofit organization. Fed ID# 45-5187087
How long has Combat Veterans To Careers been serving veterans?

CVC was founded in The Villages, Florida in May 2012 by David Booth, US Army MSgt RET. During his service, Booth deployed twice to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Prior to his retirement in 2010, while recovering from his own injuries sustained in combat, he was assigned as the Senior Platoon Sergeant at the Wounded Transition Company at Balboa Naval Medical Center, San Diego, CA. For his lifesaving and heroic service in Iraq he was awarded the Bronze Star.
Who is eligible to receive support from Combat Veterans To Careers?

CVC works with combat veterans from all branches of services and their families
What is Combat Veterans to Careers' Mission?

The mission of CVC is to provide 360 Degrees of support and opportunities and to enhance the quality of life for our Nation’s combat veterans and their families.
How does Combat Veterans To Careers fulfill their mission?

Through the combined efforts of a dedicated volunteer base, community support teams and a knowledgeable staff, CVC has implemented a strong foundation for a sustainable program to ensure the ability to fulfill our mission. CVC works directly with veterans and directly with the veteran’s family members to ensure all needs are identified and addressed through program support.
What areas of support does Combat Veterans To Careers provide?

CVC focuses on four (4) major areas of support: health, education, employment and housing.
How does a veteran apply for assistance through Combat Veterans To Careers?

Veterans can apply for assistance on our website, www.combatveteranstocareers.org,. Information can be obtained by calling 352-775-4008 or emailing combatveteranstocareers@gmail.com
What is the process once a veteran applies for assistance?

CVC reviews the applications and requests necessary supporting documentation to include the veteran’s DD214. A phone interview is conducted with the veteran to determine the level of support needed and an implementation strategy is formulated. Often the circumstances are urgent; therefore, CVC works to turnaround and application within 24 hours of receipt.
Is Combat Veterans To Careers on Social Media?

CVC can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube.
How many veterans have been assisted by Combat Veterans To Careers?

Since inception CVC has supported more than 955 veteran families. In 2013, CVC increased by 100% with an anticipated growth for 2015 to exceed those support in both 2012-2015.
What is new this year?

CVC has formalized two new stand alone programs that were formally included in our Veterans Support Program.
Combat Veterans To Careers Connections Program (CVCC) works with veterans that are beginning the transition process and/or working towards completing prior commitments, financial and/or medical. CVC works with the veteran Nationally through professional network support and resources.
Combat Veterans To Careers Veteran Family Support Program (CVCVFS) provides additional resources for support for veteran family members to address the psychosocial impact that military life has created.
How is Combat Veterans To Careers funded?

CVC does host two major fundraising events each year as well as are grateful recipients of beneficiary events done on our behalf. CVC also works diligently to identify and apply for grant opportunities as well as accepts corporate and individual sponsorships. CVC has the process in place to accept recurring gifts, charged on a monthly basis. (No donation amount is considered too little)
CVC maintains an updated list of events on our website, Calendar of Events and an event binder at the main office for easy reference.