Support a Veteran


Transitioning out of the military can be extremely overwhelming. Many veterans do not have jobs lined up, housing in place or even access to the healthcare they’ve earned after their service has ended. As if this isn’t enough to figure out on their own, many have families to provide for, of who are going through a challenging transition as well.

In our experience, most veterans desire to go back college and earn their degree, but are not aware of how to access the educational and health benefits they’ve gained through their service in the military.

As for those who want to go straight back into the workforce, often times their resumes don’t match up to the practical needs of civilian life, and even their spouses’ resumes are affected because of their frequent moves from base to base.

Because of these reasons and more, Combat Veterans to Careers decided to develop the Support a Veteran Program (S.A.V. Program), which is designed to mitigate some of the difficulties many veterans face. The S.A.V Program builds a bridge between transitioning combat veterans and those who want to be involved in helping them.

We’ve estimated that about $20,000 per family, per year is necessary to foster the transition to civilian life success. This includes housing, furnishing, educational assistance, job training and positioning, healthcare benefits access, and whatever else is needed to help get our veterans on the right path.

By donating each month, you become a cornerstone in the foundation for the future of a veteran and his family. When you join the S.A.V. Program, you reach out your hand in commitment to serving those who made a commitment to serve our nation.

Every donation is greatly appreciated. Fill out the form below or call us today for details or assistance. On behalf of Combat Veterans to Careers, we thank you for your commitment.


Join forces with us in making sure our combat veterans and their families receive the 360 degrees of support and training they need to transition into civilian life. As our combat veterans continue to come home from war, the needs for their support are ever increasing. For every 5 veterans who apply to Combat Veterans to Careers, only 1 is accepted due to funding constraints. Your contribution is very much appreciated.

Privacy Note: Anytime you share your personally identifying information with Combat Veterans to Careers we may use your contact information to send further information about our organization or to contact you if necessary. We do not share your information with third parties.