Our Mission Is To Provide 360 Degrees Of Support And Opportunities And To Enhance The Quality Of Life For Our Combat Veterans And Their Families.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for combat veterans who are ready for a rewarding, life-long career by giving them the necessary tools for success. Focusing on the four main areas of education, employment, affordable housing and wellness, we are able to provide our veterans and their families with 360 degrees of support and well-being.

The need for this support grows each day as veterans continue to reach out to us. Together we can continue to ensure the men and women who have chosen valiantly defend the freedoms we enjoy will receive the support they need to achieve the civilian lifestyle they deserve.




CVC has partnered with local colleges to help veterans continue their education towards obtaining the skills needed for a successful career. Many veterans transitioning out of the military are having difficulties juggling school while finding employment to take care of their families, resulting in the veterans dropping out of school or putting their education on hold.

With our partnership with the local college communities, we are assisting veterans and their families so that they can continue their education while working in the career field they are going to college for. Many local businesses are on board with our program and are offering positions within their companies.

The ability to obtain a rewarding career is the main objective for many of our veterans. Many are struggling to find employment, continue with their education, deal with their health issues and still provide for families.

Recognizing these challenges, CVC offers viable solutions and structured plans for addressing the aggregation of employment responsibilities and educational demands. We work directly with each veteran to ensure they obtain the necessary certifications, specialized training and/or continued education needed.

Additionally, through the support of The Villages, as well as community government, and local businesses, CVC is able to offer employment opportunities for veteran spouses, a highly rated charter school system for their children and quality and affordable housing for their entire families. Given these benefits, our veterans are able to focus on their education and career development while continuing to provide families support.

It can be extremely difficult to find suitable housing within the means of our veterans’ long-term financial plans. CVC utilizes professional network resources to assist in that process. We’ve helped homeless veteran families secure permanent housing, including one who gained the ability to purchase his own home. This financial stability, achieved through the direct financial support and management training provided by CVC, is instrumental to our veterans’ success.

Understanding and accessing healthcare benefits through the VA can be difficult and confusing. Our partnerships with local Central Florida VA offices allow us to make sure our veterans and their families receive the full care and benefits they deserve.