CVC’s “What’s Next” Program

Service members are forward thinking, always focused on “What’s Next”, next promotion, next duty station, next deployment. CVC’s veteran-centered wellness plan “What’s Next” continues that forward thinking. My next Career, Education, “What’s Next” for my family, my next Veteran therapy adventure. Always moving forward, stay in the fight & never quit.

Every day 22 veterans lose their battle to post traumatic stress on American soil. That is one veteran every 65 minutes. Every suicide is a tragedy affecting families, friends and whole communities. But when everyone works together to help those in need, suicide is preventable. Every American citizen has a valuable role to play in preventing service member, veteran, and military family suicide.

The “What’s Next” program creates a veteran-centered wellness plan focused on:

  • Restoring physical and mental functioning
  • Facilitating home & community reintegration, undoing the stigma created during Vietnam 
  • Improving family interaction
  • Promoting quality of life for veterans, service members, and their supporters 

CVC’s “What’s Next” Therapeutic Recreation Program is another way we connect, lead, and inspire our veterans. Our activities in this program give veterans a chance to enjoy the outdoors, refocus their passion, and share an adventure with great Americans & other veterans and their families.

CVC’s “What’s Next” Therapeutic Recreation Program assists in improving function and ability, but also use interventions that are individualized and holistic, incorporating Veterans’ interests, family, community, and lifestyle. Along with improving quality of life, CVC’s “What’s Next” Therapeutic Recreation Program enhances and maintains physical and cognitive abilities, provide opportunities for social communication skills development, creative expression, as well as spiritual expression. 

Help Support Combat Veterans to Careers “What’s Next” Therapeutic Recreation Program. Be “What’s Next” in a Veterans life!