Trenny Hammond

Board Member

Trenny is a wife, mother and Account Manager for Maus Media Group, a full-service advertising agency in Sanford, FL. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Communications and started her career in the tel-com industry, then transitioned to advertising until she started her family. She later re-entered the workforce as the marketing director of a family business, then moved on to where she is today at MMG.

Trenny is a natural-born patriot and proud supporter of our troops. Her grandfather served in WWII, her father in The National Guard and her great, great, great…grandfather Josiah Bartlett signed The Declaration of Independence. She has a strong respect for her country and for the military. Her husband Donnie, a then PGA Tour Pro, spent two Thanksgivings in Iraq & Afghanistan on USO trips to honor the troops. She gladly supported him in doing so.