The Story Behind Our Logo

As with marketing any organization, the logo becomes the distinctive point of recognition, therefore, the design requires the most thought and attention to detail, and must embody the organization. For Combat Veterans to Careers, the path to the perfect logo was no different than for any other organization.  CVC needed something extra special for their design, as their mission is one that is extra special. Working with veterans is a unique privilege and opportunity, and having a hand in the pivotal transition time in the veterans’ lives, as CVC does, needed to be highlighted accordingly.

The concept started where so many of veterans define their starting points: the military. The shield seemed to be the most obvious choice for shape- for the military and service members, a shield represents so much: protection and protecting, defending, etc. Many military units have patches for their men and women to adorn themselves in, offering a symbol of pride for their particular group and mission. From there the shield had to represent not only the service members, but the mission of CVC, so obviously there needed to be some sort of transition happening within the shield. The camouflage was chosen for the left to symbolize military service; the right was chosen to be the American Flag, to depict the civilian and post-service life; a silhouette of a service member splits the two prints representing the service member and to make more visible the transition phase of the service members life.

Gear For Sports was tasked with developing the more final stages of the logo. They came back to CVC with a handful of options to choose from, and it just so happened that one of the shield designs they had used was one of David’s combat shield patches. It was almost like it was meant to be, thus the logo that would represent Combat Veterans to Careerswas chosen.