Support A Veteran Program (SAV Program)

As our lives unfold, each new chapter brings something different to the overall story. Starting a new career, creating a family, finding a new passion or hobby, building a home, whatever the next big thing is, offers a certain value to our quality of life, however, parallel to these new and exciting things often comes unforeseen obstacles and unfair hardships, a lot of which are monetary.

Transitioning out of the military is no different, so Combat Veterans to Careers decided to develop the Support A Veteran Program (S.A.V. Program) to help mitigate and ease some of difficulties that many Veterans face.

The Support A Veteran Program builds a bridge between transitioning veterans and those who want to be involved in helping our nation’s veterans.  By donating each month, you become a cornerstone in building the foundation for the future of a veteran and their family and you reach out your hand and commit to serving those who committed to serving our nation.

CVC estimates about $20,000 a year per family in necessary to foster the transition to civilian-life success, thus every donation towards sponosrship is greatly appreciated. You can donate online or by mail, there are different amount options for whatever is comfortable for you, and you can decide to donate one time or monthly. Become a part of the CVC family and sponsor and be apart of someone’s success story by visiting