Remembering 40: Ronald Reagan


June 11th, 2004 the world gathered to remember and honor the late, Ronald Reagan. Remembered for a variety of reasons, including his acting career, humanitarian efforts, and time as the Governor of California, however, the time he served as President of the United States is perhaps what many most often and fondly remember .

From 1981 until 1989, Ronald Reagan poured his heart into the economy, international relations, morale of the United States, and bettering the future of his beloved nation. He combatted the Soviet Union in the Cold War, marking milestones and moving closer towards a more peaceful relationship between the two great powers, famously illuminating the breakthroughs demanding “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Although much of his presidency was the foundation for landmarks in the Cold War, the legacy he left was far greater. For generations following his time in office, Americans, and world citizens everywhere, are given monuments that are unseen, but rather lessons that act as emblems for a free and democratic society, and a relic of a government for the people.

His positive thinking and energetic outlook on life carried past his political career and continued to enrich the lives of many in his retirement, and until his last days. Just as more than 700 people gathered together that June day in 2004, we remember and thank such a president, even 10 years later.