R4 Alliance (Part 1)

R4 Alliance “provides a collaborative approach that enhances research, training, and standards of excellence through focused therapeutic and community recreation programs. This collaboration enables R4 Alliance to bring a wealth of knowledge and capability in meeting the growing needs of veterans and their families.”

Collaboration is an operative part to success in any large task, therefore creating a united front among organizations opens doors and opportunities for support and endless resources to the target audience: America’s veterans. CVC and R4 Alliance (and affiliate organizations) work tirelessly to aggrandize their new civilian lifestyle. Serving the men and women who served our nation is a common goal among R4 Alliance members, and as a proponent of bettering the lives of veterans, CVC  naturally chose to become apart of the alliance.

For more information about R4 Alliance and affiliate members, visit:http://r4alliance.org and look for a follow up Blog about R4 Alliance, including a special interview!