Meet David Booth, CVC’s founder!

Transitioning out of the military is an experience as unique to the individual as their fingerprint. Their time in service is a defining aspect of their identity, and becomes a dictating part of their transition to civilian life. Our founder, David Booth was no different. He served 20 years in the United States Army as a combat medic.
David deployed to Iraq in 2006. On that deployment, David’s life would change forever, when the vehicle he was riding in, struck an improvised explosive device (IED) and he was badly injured. For many, being wounded in combat can take command of your life, and for David it was no different. After a lengthy, recovery, it eventually led to a medical retirement, and his transition out of the service became more difficult than David ever imagined it would be or had planned for it to be. However, David realized that his injury and time in service should not dictate his transition and success in civilian life, it should only supplement and enrich his future. David is not the only service member to ever have been susceptible to the fear of life without the military, and he recognized this, thus decided he was going to do something, and that he could change and positively impact his fellow service members, just as he did as a combat medic.
In 2012, David founded Combat Veterans to Careers, and has since been able to touch the lives of others and their families who are making the leap from the military life to the civilian life, via the essential 360 degrees of support.


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