Combat Veterans To Careers

Based in The Villages, Florida, and serving a national audience of deserving men and women who wore our nation’s military uniform, Combat Veterans to Careers, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

CONCEPTUALIZATION: United States Army veteran, David Booth, through personal experience and close observation had seen the challenges faced by many veterans and their families. Many of these individuals lacked access to proper housing, educational, and employment resources, and David recognized the importance of adequate housing, educational, and employment readiness opportunities for military veterans facing poverty and joblessness, which lead to the conceptualization, and in 2012, the birth of Combat Veterans to Careers, Inc. (CVC).

Since, David and his constituents have committed themselves to providing extensive case management in educational and employment readiness services, working to address the problem of access to the essential foundations of modern living, and providing the 360 degrees of support necessary for the enhancement of the quality of life for the underprivileged and economically disadvantaged population of military combat veterans across the country.

THE PROGRAM: A collaboration of hearts and minds with a wealth of knowledge regarding education, employment, and the military lifestyle, gave CVC the distinct design that offers veterans the comprehensive encouragement and advocacy necessary to prepare themselves for successful and fruitful careers and lives post military service.

Our Mission: to Provide 360 Degrees of Support and Opportunities and to Enhance the Quality of Life For Our Combat Veterans and Their Families

Esprit de corps, or the overwhelming enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group, is ingrained in United States service men and women. The feeling of belonging to something greater than themselves, is a feeling that develops into an essential component of the service member’s identity, however as these men and women are end their time in service and move on to new chapters in their lives, the ‘esprit de corps’ seemingly fades, leaving the service member lost post-service, yearning for many of the facets of the military that are morale and comradery. Acculturation into the civilian world can be demanding, difficult, and sometimes disheartening, which can deplete the motivation to excel in a way unique to veterans, and discourage veterans, leading to them not being able to adapt, and even flourish, in their new civilian life. CVCcomes forward through their programs and personal interactions with veterans, to prompt and ameliorate their current situations, helping veterans esteem and allow themselves to rejuvenate their lives.

While the primary focus is on the veteran, a key component to the success of CVC, much like any service member, is the family, and maintenance of a positive home environment; providing for the educational and developmental needs of military children and spouses, and the family as a unit; thus providing the 360 degrees of support opportunities and that enhance the quality of life for our combat veterans and their families.

“The most glorious moments in your life are not the so-called days of success, but rather those days when out of dejection and despair you feel rise in you, a challenge to life, and the promise of future accomplishments.”

-Gustave Flaubert