Bringing The Community Into Community Service

A community is given life because of the people who reside within its borders. Each community across America is unique, and offers something different to the world. Our communities represent: who we are, where we are coming from, where we are going, and any combination of the latter. Through it, we are supported and support others, we help families and schools and business grow, and in turn it does that for us.

The Villages, FL, home of the Combat Veterans to Careers headquarters has welcomed CVC into their community with open arms. From volunteers, to new partnerships with other businesses, CVC has become a part of The Villages Community. Just an example of the support our organization has received has come from Johnny Rockets.

Johnny Rockets is no stranger to giving back to their community, general manager, George Suleiman understands and embraces the importance of a business giving back to and being involved in the community. Suleiman has found that positive community involvement is rewarding for everyone involved: giving back is beneficial to the community, it markets and brings in revenue for his business, he’s noticed it benefits his staff and they love it so much that he actually regularly has too many people sign up for volunteer opportunities.

Keeping in the spirit of giving that Johnny Rockets has prided themselves, Join Combat Veterans To Careers on Tuesday July 29th, and participate in giving back to your community.