Battle Buddy Application Form

Battle Buddy Application Form

To qualify for consideration, applicants must have served in OIF/OEF and be active-duty, retired or honorably discharged. In addition, a strong description of what a Battle Buddy means to you.

Those who are selected to participate will be contacted by Combat Veterans to Careers no later than August 20th to make all of the necessary arrangements.

APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY August 15th, IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE. Unfortunately, we are only able to accept a limited number of veterans to participate in this event.

(Note: For those not selected through the application process, some promotional material can be provided to solicit individuals/businesses to sponsor your attendance if interested. The sponsorship levels are $500 individual or $1000 individual plus spouse/caregiver).

Thank you for your selfless service to our country!


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    Have you participated in other events with Combat Veterans to Careers? If so, which event(s) and how has Combat Veterans to Careers had an impact on you and your transition and rehabilitation/recovery?

    Have you used golf as a form of rehabilitation and therapy post injuries? If so, please explain.

    Please list any other Military & Veterans Organizations that you have worked with. If you have participated in events with those organizations, please list them.

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