American Sniper Raises Awareness Of The Challenge of Transition

Over the last few weeks, “American Sniper” has generated a $200 million dollars at the box office, and is dominating the film industry. However, the hit movie has done far more than just produce revenue for Hollywood: it has brought national attention and recognition to the military, specifically the transitioning aspects that often go unnoticed. The film brings to light the struggle that many combat veterans are facing- the transition from the military to the civilian sector. Chris Kyle, whose life the story is based on, was passionate about raising awareness for veterans’ causes. His mission, as exemplified by his actions in life, was to help other veterans in any way he could.

It has been reported and nationally noted, that the film has inspired veterans to reach out for the help and support they not only need, but also deserve. Returning home from war is a challenge, returning to life can be a war in itself. It is not uncommon for service-members to return home from a deployment with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), which often further complicates the transition out of the military. Many do not understand, or even recognize, the struggle a veteran faces when returning from a deployment, or even getting out of the military. This alienation increases the obstacles transitioning veterans are already facing. However, thanks to the premiere of “American Sniper” the need veterans have for support, especially at the home front, is gaining proper recognition.

While we cannot always relate, we can always be understanding of the needs of others, especially our military. It is the love our service men and women have for our country that give them the strength to do their job, but it the love and support we have for them that gives them the courage to persevere.

Chief Petty Officer, Christopher Kyle, USN, dedicated his life to his service, and has helped countless more through the awareness his memoir and movie has brought. Thank you to the Kyle family for their dedication and service to our nation and her veterans.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs offers a crisis hotline for any veteran who may need help at: 1-800-273-8255 (Press 1)