239 Years of Army Strong

May 14th 1607 marks the founding of the Jamestown Settlement, which was the beginning of the 13 colonies that later became the first states of the United States. As the years passed, the colonizing government across the Atlantic began giving reasons for colonists to take up actions, resulting in the earth-moving and globally historic American Revolution. However, before any action was taken, the Continental Congress collaborated and decided a military force would be necessary, and on 14 June 1775, the United States Army was born. In the outbreak of the American Revolution, average colonial citizens volunteered their service and for some, even their lives, which came to be a long-standing tradition that, to this day, the organization upholds. “The professionalism still stands true in today’s Army.    We have been there from the beginning never wavering.  This will defend.” For so many soldiers, the Army became more than just a career or job to get by, it offered opportunities, instilled values, and even became a family.

So on this June 14th, 2014, we wish the Army and the soldiers, especially our founder, David Booth, a very happy 239th birthday and “Please take some time to reflect all the sacrifices our soldiers have endured to provide the freedoms we have today and in the future.”