When you come back, you’re different. You not only have to reintegrate into your family, you have to reintegrate into the community.
– David Booth, U.S. Army, MSG (Ret.), CVC President/CEO

David Gomez


For David, 9/11 struck a chord, the country was at war and he felt as though the United States needed the American people, including himself, to stand up and fight to defend the country, thus David enlisted in the United States Army, where he served as a combat medic, and deployed for a year to Iraq in 2005 and again for another year in 2007 to South Korea.

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Alex Nataline


Joining the U.S. Air Force right out of high school, Alex Nataline wanted to be a part of something greater than himself, challenging himself physically, mentally and emotionally. He served three years as a Crew Chief, deploying for six months to Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates.

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James Robinson


At the age of 17, James was a senior in high school with graduation right around the corner. He was not sure what he truly wanted to do but he knew he wanted to make a difference which led him to enroll into the Delayed Entry Program in the United States Marine Corps.

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